DOSCH 3D: Medical Details - Respiratory
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Content overview

Dosch 3D: Medical Details - Respiratory contains a detailed 3D-model.

All 3D-elements are together or individually perfectly suited for medical or surgical illustrations and animations; particularly for detail studies and close-ups used in doctor and nurse training, or for educating patients and the general public.


The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 4 and above), Lightwave (version 6.5 and above), OBJ, Maya (version 4 and above), VRML, SoftimageXSI, Cinema 4D (version 8.5 and above).

Also included in this bundle:
Bundles: Medical Visualization 21
Product code: D3D-MEDVIS21
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Download Product includes the formats:

3DS (222,26 MB)

3ds max (version 4 and above) (222,26 MB)

C4D Version V8.5 and above (278,08 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (78,59 MB)

Maya (version 4 and above) (529,87 MB)

OBJ (396,19 MB)

Softimage XSI (416,08 MB)

VRML (438,42 MB)

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