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DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: People - Best Agers - Travel
Product-Code: DVI-PBATR


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Content overview

The clip-maps are perfect "cut-outs", i.e. blend into their respective background and surrounding beautifully and naturally - they become part of the overall scene and don't look artificial or super-imposed. The high-resolution images have a size of around 2000 x 4000 pixel per person.


Each picture comes with the matching alpha-channel. As usual with Dosch Design products all Dosch Viz-Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

All images are provided in the popular TIF format (uncompressed), as well as JPG and PSD (Photoshop).


New: Artlantis-Version

A special version of this DOSCH Viz-Images product is available for Artlantis Render and Studio V2.0 and above - exclusively as a download.

All images have been adjusted for this special version - so that they can directly be used as BIllboards in Artlantis.

- real Billboard files (*.bb)
- you can directly drag the files into the object library
- all images have been adjusted - so that the image and the alpha channel perfectly works in Artlantis.
- the images are provided in the TGA format

The Artlantis versions are only available as a download - and not part of the regular shipping products on DVD.


Here you can directly download a free
sample of the Dosch Viz-Images
for Artlantis




* Artlantis is a registered trademark of Abvent - and is here only used for information purposes.

Also included in this bundle:
Bundles: Viz-Images Complete 85
Product code: DVI-Comp85
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Download Product includes the formats:

JPG (290,02 MB)

PSD (Photoshop 5.5 and above) (992,04 MB)

TIF (904,06 MB)

Artlantis - exclusive download (856,59 MB)

PNG - exclusive download (932,57 MB)

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The following formats are not included in the shipping version (CD/DVD) of the product: Artlantis, PNG