DOSCH DESIGN – your Partner in Visualisation!


Visualisation is our passion! For over 20 years, the name DOSCH DESIGN has stood for the highest level of quality in the development of computer graphics products in the fields of 3D design and visualisation. Right from the start, we have actively followed progress in the CGI field and allowed our experience to flow into the quality and variety of our products.

Those who know DOSCH DESIGN products know that we place great importance on depicting 3D models realistically - no matter whether these relate to manufacturing, engineering, vehicles, buildings, industry,  medicine, nature or garden, to name but just a few. However, we don’t just leave it at the mere creation of an individual object; instead, we pay attention to the many little details around the product. For instance, at DOSCH 3D, car models include detailed depictions of brakes, wheels, bumpers, bodywork, doors, seats and the electronics. These details are an important part of marketing for supply companies, developers and manufacturers who want to visualise processes for publications, animations, illustrations or instruction manuals. For buses, construction vehicles, digging or heavy machines, aeroplanes, yachts and helicopters, too, DOSCH DESIGN offers many different views and details.

Beside models of cars of typical manufacturer brands, DOSCH DESIGN has established products with non-branded versions of typical vehicles like concept cars or concept airplanes. These make it much easier regarding publishing of the final artwork.

But our strength does not only lie in vehicles and automotive details; we also apply the same eye for detail to all other product groups, such as manufacturing, medicine, industry or architecture. The list of DOSCH DESIGN products on offer is long, and more are also already in development. The website is worth a visit, as new developments are regularly published there. Using the website’s search function, customers can quickly and easily find the right product for their individual enquiry.

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